This is a mix of dodgeball and european handball.

There are 2 teams, and they each have a small hockey net (or something similar) with one goalie guarding the net. The regular rules of dodgeball applies: when you’re hit, you’re out. When a teammate catches the ball, the one who threw it is out and one person from the other team can come back in. etc.

But there are new rules: instead of trying to win by getting rid of the other team members like in normal dodgeball, whoever scores 3 balls in the net wins. The goalies cannot be out even if they’re hit. Anyone on the team can try to throw a ball in the net, but if someone catches it, they’re out. If goalies are the only people left in the game, they also can try to score on the other team’s net. It’s a bit confusing to explain, but it’s an awesome game!

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