Dodgeball – Toilet Roll/Cup Variation

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This is a fairly quick and easy variation to dodgeball that gets everyone involved and is stacks of fun.

What you will need is:

– Toilet rolls (lots of them)
– Disposable cups

With this variation of the game, divide a room/playing area into two halves, as with normal dodgeball. Then set up a number of pyramids made from 3 disposable cups each behind each team. These are each teams’ lives, which the other team has to knock over by throwing the toilet rolls at them. When a team has lost all their pyramids, then they’re out.

Unlike dodgeball, there are no outs, rather by catching/stopping the ball means that you are protecting your pyramids from the possibility of getting hit.

Awesome fun for everyone involved, and it’s great for building up teams.

Extra notes:
We also set up a ‘no-defend’ zone behind each team to prevent teams from standing directly over the pyramids to protect them – it makes the game a bit quicker.

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