Do You Love Your Neighbor?

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

This is a game favorite of our youth and can be played with large or small groups. Everyone forms a circle of chairs with one less chair than people. A person is chosen to stand in the middle. They point to anyone in the circle and say “Do you love your neighbor?” If they answer “yes” then the two people on either side must quickly exchange places before the person in the middle gets to one of the empty chairs. If they say “no”, then the person in the middle asks, “Who do you love?” The person will then say, “I love people who …” They can choose things like “people who are wearing white t-shirts” or “sandals” or “people who have kissed a boy”. Anything they want. When they say it, then anyone fitting that description must change places with someone else fitting the same description, all before the person in the middle grabs a chair.
This was great fun to play with parents and teens together as an ice breaker because eventually, everyone will have to rush to another seat and most people get a chance to be in the middle at one time or another.

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