Based on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, with a team twist. Have paper ornaments available, and tape to double up on the back. Divide young people into teams. Have an empty “tree” drawn on paper for every team. Each team separately is blindfolded (everyone on the team), spun around, then set out to tape their ornament on the tree. After a minute, call time and take off the blindfolds. Do the same for each team in turn. Repeat the process, allowing only those who did not get any ornaments on the tree to try again. First team to get all (or most, if the game is on a time limit) ornaments on the tree wins.

After the game, discuss how we wander around trying to make the best of our lives until Jesus becomes our first priority. For older young people, take off the paper “tree” to reveal a cross underneath and discuss how each one of us added a “nail” to the cross through our disobedience to God, but Jesus died so that we would be free when we choose Him.

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