Days of the Week

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This game is lots of fun and makes the kids work together to think quick.

Line up seven church pews one behind the other (failing that, just pretend there are seven seats). Divide the kids into seven groups, 3-5 kids per group is ideal. Have the seven groups each take a seat and then label the groups as a different day of the week, eg. the team sitting in the first row is “Sunday”, the team on the second row behind “Sunday” is “Monday”, then “Tuesday” etc…

Once this is done, have a leader call out one of the days of the week, eg. “Friday!”. The team labelled “Friday” must run to the front and take their seats on the first row. However, the rest of the teams must reshuffle so that the days of the week are still in order, eg. if “Friday!” was called, Friday would be in the first row, Saturday in the second row, Sunday in the third row, etc… The last team to be seated in the correct row is out.

This game is pretty quick so it pays to give teams a couple of chances, maybe after three strikes they’re out, depending on how long you want the game.

It really is lots of fun and is great to watch them think together and race around like headless chickens!

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