Materials required: Cucumber, table, knife & noses!

First you need to partner off in twos – then you need to make ‘x’ number of cucumber slices (depending on how many people there are) Then everyone has to line up in a straight line directly beside their partner with their cucumber slice. Then the group leader must stand at the end of the table to monitor the winner. The first partners off the rank will lay their cucumber slices on the table and rest their noses on it. When the leader says “go” they will compete each other thrusting their cucumbers along the table using ONLY their noses. The first person to make the cucumber fall off the edge of the table first is the winner. The winner makes it through to the next stage and the unfortunate loser is OUT of the whole game and must sit aside. Then the same process is repeated for the next partners and so on. The winners keep on getting through to the next stage and the losers are out. Then when all partners are finished the game goes through a series of play-offs. The first round winners get into twos and start to play the same process. This goes on and on until there is the ‘last man standing ‘- He/she will be the ultimate champion.

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