This was so much fun I hope your youth enjoys this as much as we did. I created this game from a riddle my stepfather gave me. It’s one of those riddles where you have a certain amount of people and only so many chances to cross the bridge to get everyone across. Okay, now that we are on the same page, I’ll try to explain the best I can. I had 12 players with 3 groups of 4. I gave each person a number which was either 1,2 5, or 10 in each group. I laid a 2×4 in front of each group to represent a bridge. I then handed each group a flashlight. The lights were turned off and each group was given instructions to get everyone across the bridge in 17 points.

There are 2 people that can go across together but only one comes back across to get someone else. Only the points of the highest number counts. Example…2 and 10 go across, that counts as 10 points. Then 1 person goes back across to pick up someone else and you add that number.Example…2 and 10 go across, that counts as 10 points and 2 goes back to get someone else that is 2 points on the way back. Which now is a total of 12 points so far. Whoever goes across the bridge must have the flashlight with them. It really does work and one of the groups actually figured it out at the last minute. I had someone help at each group to add the points and you need that because they kept trying and trying. The correct way of the riddle is 1 and 2 go across. 2 stays and 1 goes back. Now we are at 3 points. Then 5 and 10 go across and they both stay. This is now 10 more points which is a total of 13 points. The 2 which is already on this side goes back across. Now we are at 15 points. The 2 brings back the 1 and we have reached our goal of 17! It sounds confusing i know but if you do it on paper it is easy to understand. And like I mentioned, I did have a group of middle school and high school students to figure it out and the other teams were very close as well. I actually had a lesson with this about how Jesus is our light!
I hope you have a great time!

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