This game requires, 2 “criminals” two “lawyers” and then everyone else become the judges.
The two “criminals” are told that they are accused of a crime. (we use doing graffiti on the vicarage fence). These two are then given 5 minutes to go into another room and sort out their alibi.
Meanwhile, the others wait in the main room.
After the five minutes is up, you call in one of the two criminals and ask them questions about where they were at a certain time and who they were with, etc etc.
When you have finished “grilling” the first suspect, you call in the second one. Now you have them both in the room together. You make the second suspect stand with his/her back to the other suspect. Then you ask them similar questions.
The two suspects have to try and make their story add up with out talking to each other.
As the second suspect is interrogated, watch the first one squirm and sweat. This is a GREAT game for everyone.
At the end of the game the Judges get to decide if they are guilty or innocent. (they generally sound pretty guilty, but someimes they sound innocent…)
I hope you enjoy this game, it’s heaps of fun.

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