Start with several sets of clothes, about one per 3 people in the group. Each set should contain 4 items (may be different) in the same colour, e.g. a red sock, hat, coat and bra. Charity shops are a good source, and items that are mostly one colour will do. Make sure the items are large enough to go on OVERTOP of whatever the players are wearing. Before the activity begins, place all the clothes around the room, spread out if you’ve got energetic kids, and hidden if they’re older. Divide the kids into teams of about 6 each. The aim is for each team to have as many members as possible in outfits of all one colour.

1. No player can touch any other player.
2. When you get a piece of clothing, you must put it on completely before moving or doing anything else. While you are putting it on, noone can interrupt you.
3. You can ask for an item of clothing from any other player (saying please, of course). When you ask, they MUST remove the item quickly and hand it to you.

The game stops when you run out of time, or when the first player is in a fully coloured outfit. Points are scored as follows – 0 for one item, 1 for 2 items the same colour on one person, 5 for 3 items the same colour, 20 for a complete outfit (4 items). Take photos of the dressed teams.

Prize for the winning team for us was the choice of what to do with the photos – either they had their team picture on the church noticeboard labelled “winners”, or the losing team was displayed with the title “fashion victims” (need a good sense of humour, though).

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