You will need three air powered Nerf guns, two youth leaders with good judgment (one to serve as the “Contact Person”, the other to serve as the “Commando”), some candybars (as many as you would like), and a multilevel church building.

First, you will need to hide the candybars throughout the church. Hide them in plain site, not buried beneath a ton of stuff. If you don’t recover them at the end of the game, rats will!

Next, tell the kids that they must recover all candybars (tell them the number hidden), returning them to a youth leader (the “Contact Person”) who roams aimlessly throughout the church. They must do so without getting “shot” by a “commando” (a youth leader stealthfully stalking with a Nerf gun). If they are “shot”, the kids must immediately sit down, next to a wall in the room or hall. They are not permitted to speak to any of their teammates, alerting them to the presence of the “commando”.

If a youth group member is shot while smuggling candy to the “Contact Person”, they must immediately surrender it to the “Commando”. He or she will resist the urge to munch and rehide it.

Announce “ALIVE!” every three minutes, so the “dead” can re-enter the game.

Once the final candy bar is recovered, the “Contact Person” will supply the person who found it with his or her own Nerf “gun”. They will then go hunting for the commando. If the commando “shoots” this young person first, he or she will surrender the “gun” to the “contact person” who will redistribute it. The hunt continues until the commando conquers, or is conquered.

One final note: Once the Nerf “gun” is distributed to the youth from the “contact person”, the call, “ALIVE!”, should no longer be given. The game would go on forever!

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