This game is very simple but challenging.

You will need two identical sets of wooded blocks. (colorless work best)

Seperate youth into teams of two. One team sits down at a table and builds a structure, design, etc; while one member of another team watches them build. The team that is watching has one person with their own set of blocks AT A SEPERATE TABLE with their backs to everything. Once the structure or whatever is built, the person that watched must call out instructions to their teammate to rebuild the structure as close to exact as possible. The only trick is that the team that is doing the rebuiding, can’t look at each other while they are communicating. They can ask questions of each other but can never look at each other until the game is over and they see how they did. It’s amazing how difficult it can be especially if you have several shapes and sizes of blocks.

The leader can set limits on how big the structure can be, or how many blocks can be used or how long each team has to rebuild. It’s another great way to promote working together and you can use the Body of Christ illustration for a bible lesson.

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