Coffee Cup Shuffle Board

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Every church has most everything you need for this game, here’s the list:
2 long Folding Tables
Roll of Masking Tape
6 Paper Coffee Cups
6 Golf Balls

To play the game place the tables end to end so you have one long table. At each end use the masking tape to create a Shuffle Board scoring triangle. You can decide how you want to score each section of the triangle. You can also use the tape to cover the small gap between the tables if needed and make sure the tables are pretty level where they come together so the cups roll smoothly across the table. Each coffee cup is placed over each golf ball. Each of the 2 teams gets 3 cups. Mark the cups so each team knows which is theirs. Two players stand at each end of the table (a player from each team) and gently they push the cups toward the scoring triangle at the other end of the table. Each player on a team alternates pushes to allow the opportunity to knock out the opposing team’s cup. The score is tabulated after all 6 cups have been pushed. The more kids that you have the more tables you will need, 4 players per table seems to work best.

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