This is a variation of the clue game submitted by Holly Steffy (great idea Holly!!!). In this one, I generally tried to stick to the board game rules, only we used rooms in the church instead of the board. I made up cards and a case file envelope all in Microsoft Word available for download from our youth group website at There you will find a readme file with more explanation so that this post is not too long.

I’ve made the rules a little slimmer and added one so that it would work in a youth environment. The BEST size I’ve found is no more than 8 in a group (game) or else there is way too much time between turns.

The gist of it is EVERYONE who is in the building can be a suspect, plus about six weapons and about 7 or 8 rooms. I used less gory weapons like a butter knife and a jump rope and a stick of gum but I really like the idea of a smashed pumpkin instead of a murder – much more pleasing to the parents I’m sure (Although Clue is a pretty universally accepted game).

Take turns (instead of clockwise order, go alphabetically) suggesting the room, weapon, and person. For example, for Mark’s turn he would suggest that Sam used a butter knife in the youth pastor’s office (shame, shame, shame). In order to do this he must take the youth group into the office before he can say this (This takes the place of moving pieces on the board game.). A person cannot, like in the game, make a suggestion in the same room two consecutive turns. Also, I added the rule: if you touch anything in a room, you will be accused of tampering with the evidence and will lose a turn. This kept things in order. J

If you would like more details, feel free to download the zipped package at To uncompress the files you will need either Alladin’s Stuffit ( or WinZip.


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