Chinese Charades

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

This game is for about 10-14 people. It’s basically the same concept as Chinese Whispers (Telephone) but you act it out. First you need two even teams. Each team has to come up with a scenario for the other team to act out (could be anything, but needs to be under a minute or so). The first team lines up in a straight line all facing the same direction (looking at the back of the person’s head in front of you). One person from the other team will whisper the scenario to be acted out in the ear of the person standing at the back of the line. This person taps the person in front of him/her. Once tapped, they turn around and watch their teammate act out the scene. Then the person who did the watching has to tap the next person in line and try to imitate what he/she saw. This carries on to the end of the line. The last person has to guess what the scenario was. They get points on how well they guess. Then the next team takes a turn. Make sure everyone is always looking forward so they don’t see the scene before they’re meant to. You’ll be surprised at how much it changes. Sitting and watching this game is hilarious.

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