Chickensoupatopia – Additional Notes

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Additional Instructions:

Divide your group into 1/3 and 2/3.
The smaller group is the Chickensoupatopians.
The larger groups is the Beefnoodletonians. Each member of the Chickensoupatopians hangs a sock from the waste of their pants (unless your group has football flags) and is given one soda cracker to start.
A small area in the centre of your playing zone is circled off and in the middle stands the Queen or King of Chickensoupatopia who collects soda crackers from their agents.
The Beefnoodletonians surround this circled off area and try to stop the agents of Chickensoupatopia from breaking through with their soda crackers.

Given the back story it is the intent of the Chickensoupatopians to break through the Beefnoodltonian blockade and get their Soda Cracker through to the Queen/King of Chickensoupatopia. If their sock is taken from them before they reach the Queen/King they surrender their cracker to the Beefnoodletonians who keep all their collected crackers as well.

The Chickensoupatopians can attempt to break through the blockade as many times as possible during the duration of the game (30 minutes is good).

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