Everyone sits in a circle of chairs, with tne empty chair somewhere in the circle. When the music starts, the two people on either side of the empty chair link arms, run to someone else in the circle, grab their hand, and run them back to sit in the empty chair. Then, the people sitting on either side of the new empty chair must link arms, run and grab someone else. When the music stops, whoever is not sitting in a chair (because they are up running to get someone else or they are running back to their seats) has to do a “stunt” of choice by the person who is running the game. “Stunts” we have used are: playing a game of leap frog across the circle, gargling a tune with a glass of water, singing a song to someone in the circle, etc. They can be simple or crazy, depending on your group. This game is very popular with our kids, who will play it for a half an hour and longer.

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