This game is a spin off from the classic Dodge Ball. You will need the following items.

1. Around 40 soft rubber balls of various sizes. don’t make them larger than a size 3 soccer ball. Make sure they are soft because the kids will be throwing them at each other during the game.
2. 50 shipping boxes each around 12″ by 18″ by 12″. These will be the bricks for the castle wall.
3. Four 8′ folding tables.

Game set up:
Set two tables lengthwise next to each other leaving 5 feet between them. This will give you a 16 foot base for your castle wall. Place the remaining 2 tables around 20 feet from the others in the same manner, this is the base for the other castle.
On each table set up the boxes to resemble a castle wall. Leave some space between the boxes to allow the kids to have a place to throw the balls. The space between the tables will be the only entrance to the castle.

Each team starts with equal amount of ammunition (balls) for each team.

The objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s castle by knocking the boxes off the tables by throwing the balls at them.
Any balls that end up in the area between the castles can only be retrieved by any member of each team leaving the castle entrance and making it back without being hit with a ball thrown by the opposing team. If a player is hit by a ball he is considered wounded and can only be rescued (tagged) by a team mate. Once tagged the player can return to the castle. If he is hit again before he reaches the castle he is again considered wounded.

Players cannot enter the opposing teams castle and balls can only be thrown from behind the castle walls.

The game is over when all the boxes of one of the teams have been knocked off the tables.

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