Capture the Otter – Extreme Landmine Edition

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

Tried this with a group of 15-20. Can probably be adapted by adjusting the number of tennis balls, but can’t imagine it working well with fewer than 9 or more than 30 students.

1 otter (any stuffed animal, or even a sock full of marbles, will do)
5 tennis balls

One student is “it” and stands facing the wall. The rest of the youth are out in the playing area constantly passing the balls and otter around. No student may have more than one item, and you’re not allowed to hold anything.

After a few seconds, “it” yells “Stop! One thousand 1, one thousand 2!” and then turns around to face the group. All the students try to hide what they’re holding so that “it” can’t tell if they have the otter, a ball, or nothing. “It” then begins to guess who has the otter. If he calls the name of a student who has nothing, that student reveals his empty hands, and “it” keeps guessing. If “it” correctly guesses who has the otter, then that student becomes the new “it”. But if “it” guesses a student holding a tennis ball, that student yells “landmine” and all the students with balls turn and throw the balls at “it”. Students with balls cannot run toward “it” – they have to throw form where they are. “It” can duck and weave but cannot run away. Then “it” turns back to the wall and play resumes.

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