Bubble Gum Ceramics

by | All Youth, Indoor Youth Group Games

Give every person at least 15 pieces of Double Bubble and chew it all up. Half the fun is watching everyone chew up the gum, and listening to the complaints of their achy brakey jaws. Give every one a paper plate to catch any drool: this is also your display case. At the count of three, every one drops the gum out of their mouth on to the plate(Asectic purposes only). Give five to ten minutes for the artistic talents to shine through (some of the ‘shine’ is the drool). Then judge. I had anything from a fence and an eel(those were mine) to stars, dinosours, and even two crosses with Jesus on them. It was a slobbery good time.
[Ed. Note: you can also have “in-mouth” sculpture contests where you give them a subject (ie.: dog) and they have 30 secs to try to make a dog out of the gum, only using their teeth and tongue – no hands allowed. Then judge]

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