We all remember the days of box-ball/four square. Yes, this is the game you played during recess and third grade gym. Every Friday night we have “Block Parties”–our name for Open Gym night. In our gym we have basketball, dodgeball, volleyball…but our kids always pick box ball above all those other activities–and I’m talking about upperclass, very athletic boys.

Use tape to create a big square with four equally sized squares. Use a kickball/dodgeball. Start off with four players–a ‘king’, a ‘queen’, a ‘joker’, and a ‘baby’. The king serves, and the goal is to move yourself up to the ‘king’ spot.

The king serves. You cannot hit the ball until it bounces, and only if it bounces in your square. If you hit the ball out of the court, you’re out. If you miss the ball, you’re out. If the ball bounces more than once in your square, you guessed it–you’re out.

It’s also fun to mix it up and make it a rule that you have to yell out something from a particular category when you hit the ball–if you don’t say anything or if you repeat someone else’s answer you’re out. What also makes it hilarious for our kids is that we have one of our quirky youth leaders commentating over the PA system. It’s an absolute blast.

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