Everyone knows how to play the traditional wheelbarrow game by holding onto a person’s ankles and they walk with their arms. This is the same idea with a couple twists.

Have everyone get a partner, then each team receives a blindfold. In the room place chairs that stagger back and forth for them to go around, for my youth group I set up two sets of staggering chairs that were identical so that two teams could go at the same time and they had the same “course” to go through. Have two teams line up and go when you tell them to, the blindfolded wheelbarrow person has no clue where they are going, so the person holding their ankles has to tell them directions. The first team back across the line wins!

This game was a huge hit for my Sr. High students, it got very funny as they were bumping into each other and into the chairs because their drivers were not very good! Very easy game with little preparation and lots of fun!

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