We usually try to do this around Super Bowl time. This could be done with the whole church or just the youth. The first thing you need to do is get the word out that you are going to have the 1st (or which ever) annual BIBLE BOWL, and set a date. Then make a study guide listing the different books or topics (from the Bible) that you will glean the questions from. Then, of course, you come up with the trivia type questions. We have people divide into teams of four, and give them all a study guide (to narrow, or focus the areas of studying a little bit). Come up with tournament style brackets. If you just have a few teams you could have a double elimination match, but I suggest single elimination if you have several teams (unless you have all day). We randomly pick our two starting teams and let them face each other in front of the audience. Ask one team a question and give them a time limit to answer. If they get it correct they get a point if they do not the question goes to the opposing team. We usually play to 5-10 points depending on the time. You can through some crazy questions in where they have to act out or draw the answer for the rest of there team to guess, or let one team challenge the other for double points. I am always amazed at the amount of studying that people do; that makes it all worth it!

We usually have a Soup-er Bowl fellowship before the Bible Bowl starts where we eat soup (and sandwiches or other stuff that goes with soup). FUN, FUN, FUN!!! <><

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