Depending on your group this game can be rough. Needs to be played in a room of decent size. You will need 6 to 10 ping pong paddles, a nerf sponge ball (golf ball sized), and two small or normal sized trash cans. Split groups into teams of 3 to 5.

The game is a mix of hockey and soccer with a twist. They must constantly keep the ball on their paddle without the use of their free hand they can pass do whatever is need to score in the trash cans. However if the ball falls to the ground it is a free ball they can not pick up the ball but must continue to hit with the paddles until it is hit out of bounds or one team scores. Again depending on your group set some guidelines to the roughness of play. You can allow some checking of the person with the ball but also keep that in check. If hand ball or unnecessary roughness is called there should be a 1 min penalty for the player who touched the ball or committed the foul therefore giving the other team a powerplay chance to score.

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