Our church receives several phone books each year that we do not use. In this game you will be using those phone books.
You will need a trashcan and a phone book. Divide your group into teams (3-4 per team is best). One team member from each team holds their trash basket behind a line that that is about 8 feet away from their team members. Have the trash basket holders separate themselves a bit. The other team members are given a phone book. On your mark of “go”, the team members with the phone book start tearing out pages, wadding them into balls, and try to throw them into their team’s basket. After 60 seconds, the team with the most paper wads in their basket wins. You could even have a play-off. Take the top 2 teams and have them compete against each other.
You knew there had to be something you could do with all those extra phone books!

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