This is a game that I found in a book and modified so that youth would play it.

Supplies: a few tennis balls

Instructions: Divide all youth into 2 or 4 equal teams with at most 20 youth per group. Place a tennis ball in the middle of the room. Put each team in the room so that they are all the same distance from the tennis ball. Give each person in each Team a with number (If you have 4 teams than you should have 4 people with the number 1, 4 people with the number 2 and so forth). Instruct the youth that when you call out their numbers they are to race to the center of the room to grab the tennis ball run it back to their team without being tagged by one of their opponets. If there is a stand-still where neither youth will grab the tennis ball then you throw another tennis ball out and call another number. You can change things up by calling out more than one numbers to begin with or using a different kind of ball and putting Vaseline on it.

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