This is yet another twist on the old favorite “Mafia” or “Amazing Mobsters.” I used this with a meeting centered around music. It’s also a nice option for those who don’t approve of the connotation associated with the original version.

The object of this game is to eliminate the Critics before the Critics eliminate the new talent. Think “American Idol,” but now the musicians can fight back! Game can have up to 40 youth plus one moderator. You will need a deck of cards. They will be used to tell each youth what their role is in the game.

1) Each youth will get a card. Set aside one (2-9/any suit) for each youth. Now replace one face card for every 6-7 youth that are playing.

2) Shuffle deck and allow youth to draw card that only they will see. SECRECY is the key.

3) Assignments are as follows:2-9 card = new talent; face card = music critic.

Once youth know what they are, take cards up.

4) Give the following commands:
“New talent sleep” – everyone closes eyes”Critics awake” – ONLY mob opens eyes. They choose (quietly) a person to eliminate. (Unanimously)
“Critics sleep” – everyone closes eyes again
“New talent awake” – everyone OPENS eyes

5) The eliminated person is announced and is exempt from any further commands or giving hints to other players.

6) New talent then votes on whom they believe is a Critic. People nominated may plead their case. The person receiving most votes is eliminated. Round over. Start commands again.

Summary: each round 2 people are eliminated – one by Critics and one by the New Talent. Whichever team at end remains, is the winner.

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