First of all this is a large indoor game.

You will need the following items to play:

1. Glow Necklaces (different colors for two teams and one color for leaders)

2. Balloons

3. Poker Chips (about 10 – 12 100 packs)

4. Spooky Music to pipe through the church

5. Special Lighting and Fog Machines

The game is played in the dark and all over the church except we don’t use our sanctuary.

Game Play:

1. All the youth must be split up into two teams with different color glow necklaces.

2. The leaders will be in charge of keeping the game running smooth ensure people don’t really battle it out.

3. Each team will establish 1 Queen which can be boy or girl

4. The teams will then blow up a bag full of balloons (medium size so they pop better) and place them in the queen egg sac (garbage bag and head down to the teams designated fortress area

5. They will wait until the ok to start the game.

How the Game is played:

Each Alien (youth) will have a life essence which is a balloon tucked under their shirt on their back. When their balloon is popped by the other team they will go back to their queen to get a new life essence.

The goal of the game is collect life orbs (poker chips) that are spread out all over the church. Each one represents a different point value. Also to destory the other team by popping their life essences.

The game is played until one team is destroyed or a time limit is reached.

This game is very popular with our group and the youth really love to play and compete each other.

As a precautionary measure, we usually give our leaders walkie talkies and flashlights for safety because the game get really physical we also do guys vs guys and girls vs girls for game play otherwise the girls take a beating for the guys in a small group setting it will work for mixed but you just need to watch the youth more carefully.

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