Basically, this is a fun game for all, which can be adapted to suit any group or any theme!

Split your group in to smaller groups of between 3 and 8.
Then give each group a piece of paper with either 10 or 15 words on. They must then come up with a drama, normally about 2 or 3 minutes, can be longer, that contains every single word on the list!

This means you can choose the words to suit your group. For example if you are doing a session on Bullying, you could write down, bullying, teasing, and other words, or perhaps a session on justice, you could use words such as peace, war, fighting, etc etc!

This works well, because you can do very silly ones when you just want a game to play.

I like to use place names, celebrity names, people from the group, youht leader’s names! These are all quite good if you aren’t really looking to follow a theme but are just having fun!

As my group are quite competitive myself and othert leaders judged them at the end with pieces of paper and marks out of ten for different categories, like team-work, creativeness, acting skills, use of words, etc!

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