7-Ball is a game I made up one night for our church youth group. You will need the following: 7 tennis balls, 3 trash cans (we use the big ones on rollers), a magic marker, and participants. That’s all you need!

To set up the playing field, place the trash cans in a row, going away from the player. The first should be 7 feet from the “throwing line”, the second 14 feet from the line, and the third 21 feet from the line. On one of the balls draw a “7” with the marker. That is your “7-Ball.”

Here’s how it works. Participants stand behind the throwing line and try to make the balls in the cans. The first can is worth 1 point, the second is worth 3 points, and the third is worth 7 points. The 7-Ball is worth the can it gos in, plus 7. So it is worth a total of 8, 10, or 14 points. However, if you miss with the 7-Ball, you lose 7 points. Negative 7 is the worst score possible (0 balls made), 56 is the highest (all 7’s).

We have a small youth group, so each person plays on their own team. We do it as a double elimination tournament and the youth has a lot of fun with it. But you could play it in teams, or however you want. It is so much fun, and you will be surprised because the hot shots that go for seven every time are stunned when they get beat by girls playing it safe!

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