Spiritual Gifts

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I taught the lesson that is on this web site entitled “It’s Your Thang” but I wanted an illustation after the lesson. So I came up with this:
Since I have a small group (roughly 18 kids) I went to the dollar store and bought each person a $1 gift, I wrapped it up and took it to class. After the lsson on Spiritual Gifts, I handed them each a gift (boys: flashlight, chapstick, notepad, pens, magnets, playing cards, tic tac candy….girls: chapstick,candy, stationary, pens, journals, photo frames)
I told them that they had to wait before opening them. I then asked them these questions:
What did you do when I handed you this gift? (They received it or took it)
What if I told them that they could not ever unwrap it? (They would be sad and never know what was inside)
How do you think I would feel if you never wanted to unwrap it? (Sad)

Then they open the gifts and you let each express their happiness, usually everyone is happy with their gift.

The next questions are:
Now look around, as you can see each gift is different in some way (choose a different color if you have to purchase a few of the same things)
That is how our spiritual gifts are; they are each different. Even though they may be the similar, we will each carry them out in a different manner because God made each of us unique.

Now the other comment to make is this:
Although each of you received a different gift, one thing that you have in common is that they all came from me.
We all have different gifts, but only one Holy Spirit who gives the gift.

Another comment:
They each had to receive the gift and open it up and use it in order to enjoy the gift.

You can come up with many other illustrative questions but those are just a few.

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