Satan’s Bait

by | All Youth, Illustrations

You will need a large bowl of water, a plastic lid, or bowl (clear or white is recommended), some honey or syrup and an anthill.

Preparation: Place a dab of honey in the plastic lid or bowl and place it in the vicinity of an anthill. Let the ants find it and form a trail back to the hill. Just before class, Fill the large bowl with water and place the ant-covered lid, bowl floating in the water.

Application: The honey represents Satan’s Bait. It looks good; it tastes good and is even a good source of food for the ant. But, when it leads the ant onto the lid/bowl and we place it in the water, the ant is trapped. The ant will live for a while, it has food, but it won’t really have a life. It will have to live out the rest of its days serving NO PURPOSE. Before we picked up the lid, the ants had purpose and knew what they were doing (getting food for the colony). What they didn’t know was that they were going to become our example. Satan works this way in our lives. The bait looks good and we may be able to find meaning in it, but he has something else in mind that we can’t see.

Explain that if we put a piece of string from the lid to the edge of the large bowl, the ants would be able to be free if they found it. This represents Jesus. He is the only way that we can get out of Satan’s trap of living a life without purpose.

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