Putting Him in Between – Abstinence

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4 Pieces of paper (use different colored paper)
a piece of cardboard (I used the back of one of those office pads)

OK! When I first saw this it was used as a demonstration for abstinence, but I tweaked it so it’s more relevant.

You have two people (the two pieces of paper, I wrote names on the paper) who love each other and they attach themselves to each other. They hang out with each other, they talk, they’re in a relationship.

It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend situation or even a person/thing situation.

Anyway, you glue the two pieces of paper together (back to back, so their right on each other). Then after describing how much time they spend together, etc. you tear the pieces apart. You explain how when you attach yourself to someone emotionally, physically, whatever if you’re not careful to put God first and set boundaries you will never be as you were originally, a clean sheet of paper. Instead you would be missing a piece, the paper is either torn, or there is a piece of another paper left on you. And you will not be able to go back.

Then you take two new pieces of paper, and you glue the cardboard to one piece of paper. The cardboard is God. If you attach yourself to God (who is stable, because he is cardboard) and put Him first in your life, you will not have to worry about other people. You’ll be given freedom. Because if you truly loved the Lord and followed Him, He would protect you from getting torn, or dirtied. God takes on all of the pieces of shard paper.

You could use this illustration in many different ways, but that’s how I used it.

And my group LOVED it. This one girl who does not normally listen said that she really understood this message.

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