This is an activity I used in Sunday school to demonstrate the ability( or inability) to hear the Good Shepherd. Sunday school class was set up with chairs in a circle. We had open discussion about the effects of the media; magazines, movies and music.

I asked for a volunteer. As the volunteer stood up, I told her she’d be blindfolded and needed to be barefoot. After I put on the blindfold, I put some obsticals around the floor. On eight different paper plates I put peanutbutter, baby food, water, smashed banana, lard, and a couple of piles of marbles.

I instructed the other students to shout out directions to help their friend walk around these obsticles. I told the volunteer to try to listen for MY voice, for I will represent the Good Shepherd. Of course the students wanted some fun and misdirected her, but I would be trying to tell her really where to walk. Shortly after we started, she discovered her friends were having fun and therefore she was trying even harder to hear my voice. At times she would yell, “I can’t hear you!”

This was a very effective illustration of how they can’t hear God’s voice when they are watching borderline/bad TV and movies, listening to unacceptable music or viewing worldly magazines. Our Scripture was John 10.

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