Light in the Dark – Modified

by | All Youth, Illustrations

I LOVE the glow-stick idea. We did something similar at a lock-in we had with our kids. All the kids were asked to bring a flashlight to the lock-in.
We were singing some songs, getting ready for the “lesson-time” and during “This little light of mine,” some of the leaders turned off all the lights. The leader doing the devotion turned their flashlight on. “Look how just one flashlight helps us better in the dark. Jesus is called the light of the world, and we should share that light. When I flash my light at you, turn yours on.” With each new light, the leader says “look how much X number of lights lighten this room!” Continue till all the flashlights are on. Talk about sharing the light, how the light dispells darkness, etc. The kids really liked it.
Then, we played light tag, of course!

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