God or Mammon?

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This is a great way to introduce a discussion on Matthew 6:24. I used it in conjunction with a month long study on oppression, how people use money to oppress others and it is God’s desire His people not be oppressed. Why did Jesus specifically use money when pointing out one cannot serve two masters? Why didn’t He use alcohol, or any number of other things, even possessions in general?

You will need 2 pennies, 1 nickel, 2 dimes, 2 quarters, 4 dollar bills, 1 five dollar bill and 1 two dollar bill. Cut each clue into a strip, fold and have one youth draw. Have them read aloud the clue and let the group figure the answer out together. The person who drew the clue gets the coin or bill once the group figures it out. The fun is who gets the penny and who gets the five! You can make up new riddles if you want to add bigger bills or more bills depending on the size of your group. Now, can you guess which clue goes with which coin or bill? Have fun!

Considered one of our greatest presidents, this man shines on as the Great Emancipator.

Not once, but twice, this great American President appears, but alas you must add thrice to win this prize!

Carried on its back, the scene is set. Let us sign the great Declaration bringing our Independence from that oppressive agent Britain that twice taxed us without representation.

A fitting notation for our first president!

The Great Seal of the United States carries the motto Novus Ordo Seclorum: New Order of the Ages beneath a single Pyramid.

This smackeroo has an average life of 22 months according to the American Federal Reserve and makes up 45% of all US Currency circulation.

Thirteen appears all over this currency, but alas you must divide it by the same to get its equivalent.

My face in profile represents more in number than it does facing forward in paper.

Redesigned in the last century to accommodate all 50 states, my quantity is only half that much.

The longest sitting president am I; now etched in profile forever in silver.

The torch glows bright on my back with olive branch and oak at my side representing a tithe.

The only coin of my color, my back and front bear the same images as my paper friend.

My face on one side, my home on the other but count five coppers to get my grin!

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