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This activity illustrates the need to follow and listen to Jesus when peer and worldly influences abound.

One student is needed to volunteer as the “Christian youth.” Another is needed to serve as the “voice of Jesus.” All others are employed as “bad influencers.”

The Christian youth is blindfolded and seated. The “voice of Jesus” volunteer is instructed to spend a little time talking to the “Christian youth” so that he/she learns his/her voice. John 10:1-5 “…the sheep hear his voice…”

A simple maze of chairs is created that leads to a desk or table with a blessing (candy, prize, etc.). Put a couple of left and right turns in your maze, but not cluttered. Walkways through maze should be at least two folding chairs wide.

Once the maze is complete. The Christian is asked to stand. Explain that his/her goal is to reach the “blessing” by following the instructions/commands of the “voice of Jesus”. The job of the “bad influencers” is to give bad instructions.

Explain that everyone must stay at least 3 to 6 feet from the blind youth. No touching or obstructing allowed.

Have the blind Christian stand. Give a few turns and see if he or she can get to the blessing by following the “voice of Jesus”, while ignoring the “bad influencers”

(Note: Walk carefully to avoid injury) A timer can be used for team scoring or to maximize time to reach the prize.

Have had 100% success each time this activity has been used. Some good discussion questions posed to the listener, voice of Jesus, and bad influencers:

1. What was hard about getting to the blessing?
2. What was most frustrating?
3. What did you find easy?
4. What did you like most?

Responses are great for talking about peer pressure, seeing God’s perspective — ready and wanting to bless us if only we would listen to him, emphasizing the prudency of following God’s will who sees and knows all, and on and on…

Proverbs 3:5,6 is a good scripture to use.

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