Point: Alone, we aren’t very strong or capable, but when we surround ourselves w/ God, we can triumph.

*10 Large Eggs
*A board about 1/2″ thick and big enough for someone to stand on, mine was about 18″ square.
*10 bottle caps from liter or 20oz pop bottles – Just make sure they aren’t the big 2 liter size ones
*Modeling clay

Prep: Take a good size chunk of the clay and put it around the edge of each of the bottle caps. Make sure the cap’s edge has about a 1/2inch of clay on it. Put one such cap on the bottom of an egg and one on the top. It has to be the top and bottom of the egg because those are structually the strongest points of the egg. I if you put the caps on the sides, this won’t work. In the end you will have 5 little egg “sandwiches” (bottle cap, clay, egg, clay, bottle cap)that can stand upright on their own .

Lesson: Have a volunteer come up, probably best if it’s one of your lighter students since I really don’t know how much weight these eggs can support. First take 5 of the regular eggs place them on the floor and place the board gently on top. Ask how many people think that the eggs will support the weight of your volunteer. Then have your volunteer step onto the board. In my case, the girl barely touched the board and all the eggs broke. Talk briefly about how the eggs on their own aren’t strong enough for all that weight. Next take out your egg “sandwiches”. Place them so that there is one on each corner of the board and one in the center. Again, have your volunteer step on the board, and impressively, it should hold 🙂

Explain that with the right foundation and the right protection, the eggs became much stronger. You can also take the caps and clay off one of the eggs and break it to prove that they are the same eggs as before. It’s very effective, and who doesn’t like to make a mess? 🙂

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