Controlling Your Tongue

by | All Youth, Illustrations

This is to illustrate the importance of our words, how it’s important to watch what we say to others. The only thing you need is a cow tongue.
I asked the kids, “who here is smarter than a cow?” Of course they all raised their hands. I asked, “Have you ever heard a cow cuss? Backtalk their mom? Lie?” (no) Drop a big ol’ cow tongue on the table in front of them (yes, it’s embarrassing buying cow tongue and if you’re squeamish like me, horrid to touch). Point out how enormous this tongue is. And yet they have no trouble controlling it. Point out how small ours are in comparison, and yet we have a real task in watching what we say. You have to take it from here. I think you get the point!! I just talked about how the saying “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” is so very untrue. I stress that our words can hurt, but that they can also build someone up or give praise to God. Good discussion followed!

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