Cold Grudges

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(Grudges and Bitterness)

To help illustrate lessons on holding grudges, use ice cubes to represent grudges. Give each youth an ice cube, explaining that a grudge can leave you cold, just like this piece of ice. Have each of them hold the ice cube over their heads. Have them race to see who can melt their “grudge” the fastest, using only their hands. Great correlation include the bitter cold that the “grudge” leaves behind, the “tears” of water streaming down, and how hard it is to get rid of the grudge quickly. You can explain that like a hairdrier, Jesus can help you quickly melt those grudges and dry the “tears.”
TIP: If you have a linoleum or hardwood floor, be careful that you don’t collect too much water on the floors or people could slip when racing.

Related Scripture: Eph. 4:25-27, 31-3

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