Warm Encouragments

by | All Youth, Good Things

Get a big brown shopping bag and attach it to the wall in view of everyone. Pre-decorate the front with Christian symbols of Lent or the appropriate season in which you are having your meeting. Place pencils and index cards on a small table close to the bag. As each youth enters have them write their name on a piece of paper and place it in a bowl. After EVERYONE has placed his/her name have them pick out a name from the bowl. If they pick their own name have them put it back and re-draw a name. The purpose is to have all students write something nice about someone in the room for that day. It can be a word of encouragement, praise or other good thought of how they can help each other during their Lenten journey or any other time and that they will be there for that person. Make sure the name of the Receiver is on the front of the card and the Giver’s is at the bottom of the message.

Then an hour or two before the meeting/retreat is over have an adult helper take down the bag and go over the cards to see if every one has a card. Have the Adult helper use a low temp glue gun and have them glue a candy bar or a “Hug or Kiss candy to the card. Then have the students pick up their cards and give a them few moments to read and feel the encouragement of their peers and have them talk out their feelings.

Word of caution: Make sure EVERONE has a card!

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