Twist On Lawn Forking

by | All Youth, Good Things

Instead of toilet papering or forking lawns get the same excitement out of it by sneaking out late at night and doing something nice. I’ve done it two ways. First during a sleepover instead of the usual toilet paper raid I bought a big box of plastic forks, tape, and construction paper. We cut the paper into dozens of hearts and taped them to the handle of the forks. Then I had the girls write encouraging comments on each one of them. We all sneaked out that night and forked the Youth Pastors lawn. He liked it so much that he based the whole Sunday youth service on it! We also decided to put Hershey’s kisses on spoons wrapped in different colored plastic wrap tied with curly ribbon. Then we made a huge sign that looked like a giant spoon that said some nice things about the youth leader. We sneaked out and spooned her lawn. It was so…. much fun!!

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