Good Things

Letters to Pastor

All Pastors need encouragment. Have the teens write letters to their pastor with a word of encouragement, praise or appreciation. Have them present the letters during your church announcements and have the kids encourage members of the church to do something special for the pastor that week.

Lifesavers for a Lifesaver

We did this for our pastor. We got lots of lifesavers (vests, rings, etc.) and spread them all over our pastors yard. We then placed signs in the yard with uplifting messages. We made a big sign that said… thanks for being our lifesaver.

You can spread the lifesavers in a big circle formation like a lifesaver or just fling them everywhere. Our kids loved doing it and the uplift it gave our pastor was well worth it. It can be done to uplift anyone. Have fun doing this with your youth. Just let the local police know so no one gets arrested while you’re decorating!

Love And Laundry

Go to a local Laundromat and give out quarters to people washing and drying their clothes. It will give you a chance to do something for them and possibly talk with them about their relationship with God while they wait on their clothes.

Lunch Lotto

As students come into the youth facility everyone receives a numbered ticket. During our service we have everyone stand up and get their ticket out. We draw a ticket stub and announce the number slowly. When the students realize they don’t have the winning ticket, they sit down. The student left standing wins. I take a large Pizza Hut pizza to the winning student during lunch on Friday to be enjoyed with his or her friends. This is a great way to get to know some of the friends of my youth.

Mall Ministry

We took our youth group to the mall. We divided into groups of 2 or 3. The students asked random people (the store clerk etc) if they have anything they’d like prayer for. We explain that we’ll be meeting later for prayer with our group. Most people give a request and some allow us to pray for them on the spot! We met back at the food court and prayed for the requests. The kids got a bonus confidence booster because they were nervous at first but realized they could do it.

Meter Ministry

Purchase a roll of quarters and head down to the downtown, business district. Walk through the parking lots and streets and when you see a meter expired or about to, pop in a quarter. Then leave a simple not on the windshield (something like “A little more time compliments of “your church name”).

Mother’s Day Treat

On Mother’s Day, let the every cell member’s mothers be visited after Church Service maybe or any time before or during Mothers day, and be given a personal cards and a small gift or baked cake or any gift that may be related to the person. The cell member can share in the group the things her or his Mom like the most. She/He can suggest.

Movie In A Bag

This is a good idea for a reward, raffel, prize or care package. Fill a gift bag with some bags of microwave popcorn, a couple of candybars or movie type candies, some soda and a gift certificate to a local movie rental store.

Mug Of Love

Our church had a bunch of coffee mugs with the church’s name and address on them that weren’t getting put to any use. So my wife and I came up with the idea of handing out the mugs with a small gift on the inside to our neighbors. We put packs of hot chocolate and tea with information about our church and organization inside the mug. We also put tags on the mugs that read “May the love of Christ warm your heart during these cold winter months.” We had some excellent responses from our neighbors. Many of them were very thankful and it gave the youth an opportunity to do an act of kindness.

Nursing Home Visitation

Have the youth in grades 5-12 meet at the church on a Wednesday night. Have the youth bring in soaps, lotions, and shampoos to give to the elderly. Then go to a local nursing home. All the elderly really appriciate this act of kindness. It really makes the youth feel good about themselves while helping others.

Passing Postage

Go to the post office, pay for a stamp, and ask the postmaster to give it to the next person who comes to buy a single stamp. I’ve done this before and asked the next day what the reaction was. Sometimes it has made someone’s day. Other times the person then pays for another stamp and passes it on. A lot of joy for 32 cents.

Pay People’s Parking

The next time your church bus/van/caravan has to pay a toll or parking fee, pay for the vehicle behind you. The recipients will be surprised to see teens giving money.

Post Random Acts of Kindness

I am on the “justice and service” component of my youth group’s leadership team and I thought that it would be an awesome idea to post a random acts of kindness sheet someplace on a wall or bulletin board where YG meetings are held. During the week members of the YG can make an effort to perform random acts of kindness at school, home, or in their community. Then when they come for youth group they can write down what they did and sign it (if they want too). You could set a goal for how many RAOK you think should be done by the end of the month, or year even. You can twist it any way you want but I think its a great way to get teens thinking about how much one little thing can help someone out, and feel good about themselves when writing it on the random acts of kindness sheet.

Pray for Waiters

Next time you go out to eat, ask the waiter / waitress if there is anything that you can pray for them as you bless your food. This brings a variety of responses, but it is a true blessing for you. This will also work with a cashier at a fast food restaurant.

Prayer Board

I am one of our FCA sponsors and in my classroom at school we began to put prayer requests on my board during our bible studies. The news spread throughout the school and kids that did not even come to FCA came in and added to our board and teachers would do the same. Eventually as prayers are answered the kids would begin to come to prayer meetings and we keep growing (Praise the Lord). It has encouraged our members and has been a great witnessing tool. We even now have a Praise Report list for the answered prayers. It has shown the kids the power of prayer. Who says prayer is not in schools! Because it is through our school organization we have not had any trouble with it (that and God’s blessing)!

Prayer Request Box

To do this you need to work with a Christian organization in a local public school such as FCA or First Priority Club, it also helps if the school has a family atmosphere… such as small size and Christian faculty…

The concept is to reach kids where they are, without fear of embarassment. What I was allowed to do at school as FCA President, was put up a “prayer request box”. This is a metal box that is on wall, where anyone can drop in prayer requests on small slips of paper, and drop them in a locked metal box.

At the end of each day, myself or one of our FCA Leaders takes out all slips. Then we have a weekly meeting to pray specifically for each person on the slips of paper. It has worked awesome so far!

People probably won’t disrespect it, cuz they have an automatic respect for what it is… prayer.

Put Down Potty

Our group uses this to decrease negative comments towards other teens. When a teen makes a negative comment about another teen they must either: Pay 50 cents to the put down potty or they must write something nice/positive about the person and put it in the potty. The potty is an actual (brand new) child’s potty that you use to potty train them with. The kids loved this idea and it really caught on. The number of negative comments has greatly decreased because they are “catching themselves
when they say something negative.

Remembering Mom

Our youth did this and it was fun for them as it was for the moms. One day before Mother’s Day, we go out during the night and sing a song (Mother’s Day theme) at each mother’s house. Adults drive the youth around and we play guitar while we sing outside the house windows. When we are done, we leave a small gift basket or vase with flowers at the doorstep of the mother’s house. Some of the moms come out and give us cookies or Cokes. It is a lot of fun and makes the moms feel really special. Make sure you start early if you have lots of moms in your church.

Reverse Shopping List – Food Pantry

Get permission from local grocer to set up a table near their entrance. Check with local food pantry/food bank to see what items they need the most of. (Ours was cereal, peanut butter, box dinners, tuna, etc.) Print a ‘shopping list’ with a brief explanation of what you are doing and the items most needed. Have students ask shoppers as they enter to consider picking an item or two off your list to support the food pantry and drop it off at the table on the way out. We did this on a Saturday. Five students, four hours, over 450 food items and cash donations of nearly $100.

Road Crew Rest Stops

Next time you go on a youth trip or retreat, pack some extra cold drinks and stop and offer them to any working road crews you pass along the way.