A friendly gesture for some you care about!

You go and buy lots of candy canes. Buy all different sizes and colors or go traditional red-white stripes. Put some on toothpicks that you taped on them. These will be canes that you stick in that special person’s yard. You can do as many of these as you like.(If ground is hard , use bobby pins or other harder material) Make a sign for the yard that you are trying to cane. It’s a great uplift for the pastor or youth minister. Since the canes are shaped like a shepherd’s hook ,your sign could say something like… Thanks for being the Best Shepherd …signed Your Sheep.(or any other witty thing you can come up with.) After placing all the things that get stuck in the ground ,next toss out alot of small candy canes all over the lawn. When you are done the yard should look like a red-white striped sea! Have fun planning and doing this one with your youth group. Oh and one more thing since you will be doing this at night. Let the local law enforcement know what you are going to do so that if someone calls the police, the police have already been let in on the harmless fun. Now go cane someone!

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