You’ve Just Been Fleeced

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Our highschool youth group needed to raise money to attended the National Catholic Youth Conference. We needed to raise $1500.00 and this exceeded our expectations. We divided the group into four teams. Each team had a truck & trailer, driver, and a sheep. The kids took their sheep to a parishioner house and identified who they were and that they were going to leave the sheep that was on the trailer in their yard. Then they told them that for a donation to their youth group they would gladly deliver the sheep to whoever they would like. Then they placed a sign in the persons yard that read “You have just been Fleeced by the St. Boniface Youth Group”. When other teams seen the sign in the yard they knew not to stop at that house. The townspeople loved it and were sending the kids to their best friend’s house. We raised over $1,500.00 in just three hours. The local stock yard let us borrow the sheep.

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