Winter Flowers

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Instead of flamingos, our youth “planted” flowers in our church members yards. We spent one friday night making flowers with Bible verses, christian sayings, and the name of our youth out of paper plates and markers. We cut 5 triangles out around the edges to look like petals. Then, we opened metal hangers straight. We bent the hangers in the center to make a stem. We punched 2 holes in the center of the paper flower and pushed thru the ends of the hanger from front to back. To secure the flower to the hanger, we put a large piece of packing tape on the back. After dark, we snuck up to the home and put 25 flowers in their front yard along with a note on the front door explaining who we were and why the flowers were in the yard. The next morning, the family wakes up to find their flowers. If they wanted to pass the flowers on, they gave us $10.00 and a name and address. If not, we thanked them and removed the flowers. We spent ~ $30.00 in supplies, and in 2 weekends (Friday and Saturday night) wehave made almost $400.00! We started with 4 homes a night, and last weekend we had 11 homes a night. Most are so pleased and blessed by the message on the flowers….some have even asked to keep one! Flamingoes were a little too expensive for my youth budget…so we improvised. Hope this can help you like it did us!

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