Valentine Dinner for Two

by | Fundraisers, Mid and Late Adolescents

Our very small teen group has managed to do this fund raiser for several years now and it has been very successful and the members of our church love it. We ask those in the community with small card tables if we can use them for an evening and then we decorate our fellowship hall with Valentine decorations and set the tables up individually designed for a romantic dinner for two (tablecloths make it look nicer). We try to make a nice dinner with appetizer, main course, and dessert and the couples call ahead (at least a week) to make reservations and they eat by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. The teens act as the waiters and waitresses (dressed in nice clothes as well). The good food, decorations, candles, reservations, and music make it a nice change from the usual church dinners. Usually we can only fit around 15 couples in the area we have so reservations are important. We have also had door prizes for things like longerst married couple or shortest married couple.

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