Toilet Fundraiser

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Toilet Fund Raiser

Somehow procure a toilet (preferably clean) I do not need to know how you got it, just get one.
You will also need some teen volunteers who can haul the toilet around.

Start off by making an announcement in the church that the youth are having a fundraiser. Tell the congregation the rules of this fundraiser.

The Rules/Stipulations are as follows.
You have this toilet delivered to someone’s house
It is placed in a very prominent location (such as the front lawn)
To have the toilet removed the person who’s house the toilet is at must call and have the teens remove it. Each house call is 5 dollars. Included in this house call is them delivering it to someone else’s house. It’s a vicious cycle. There is only one way to get out of having it placed in your lawn. You can pay the youth group an insurance fee (but notice if the other party is willing to pay more than you paid for insurance your insurance plan is null and void).

Notice, you must have the right congregation to pull this off, some people may not see the humor involved here.

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