Super Bowl Sunday Sub Sandwich Sale

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

You know the church body likes something when you DON’T do it for a year and people start asking why and when you’ll do it again! That’s our Super Bowl Sunday Sub Sandwich Sale 🙂 We advertise with colorful posters and short “skits” during the mission moment in sunday worship and have order forms in the bulletins. We make custom subs and pizza subs. We offer ham,turkey,salami,american cheese, provolone or mozzarella, swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles,banana peppers,and “sub dressing”. Mayo/mustard is offered in the form of packets. The Pizza subs are pepperoni, sauce, provolone. We will add onions, & banana peppers to those.
We set up one pizza sub assembly line and 2 table wide about 4 table long custom sub line so we can work from both sides. The customers state a pickup time either after 1st service, after sunday school or 2nd service. We sell the subs for $5 & if you buy 5 you get a 6th free. We can usually get a great price on the meat/cheese and sometimes even items donated so our profit is “super”!

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