Soup Fundraiser

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Our church has done this for several years and had lots of success. We begin advertising at least 3 weeks prior to the fundraiser about the soup.

We have parents of our youth and the youth come up the Saturday before the fundraiser and prepare the soup. It is usually just a simple vegetable/meat soup that is very quick to make. It is very basic with little seasoning due to some people in our church not handling lots of spices. We put it in 32oz containers (we bought simple styrofoam 32oz containers with plastic lids from SAMS). We then contacted our local Sonic and explained the fundraiser and asked that they donate some cup holders (for those buying multiple containers). Once the soup is prepared we sell it Sunday morning following our church service. We had some youth by one exit of the sanctuary with a rolling cart and the soup and the others in the fellowship hall. We asked the church members to donate as they see fit for the soup. The best thing about this soup is that it is usually used as a starter basically meaning that they go home and add to it the seasonings they like and it is easily frozen so they don’t mind buying lots of it.

We made sixty containers and made $400.00 easily. Another suggestion is to announce weeks ahead that you need help getting the ingredients put a list in the bulletin and ask that they help donate ingredients so that you can make a clear profit. We did this fundraiser in January on a cold Sunday and sold every bit of it within 15 minutes after church. The preparation the Saturday before took about 2 hours with all the help so for appx 2 hours and 15 minutes of work we had $400.

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