Seed Planting

by | All Youth, Fundraisers

Collect “seed money” from various church members for this project. If at all possible, collect $10 – $20 per youth. Then, give each youth this “seed money” with the following instructions. Just like the parable of the talents, we are giving you this money with a simple request. Invest it. Make it grow. Do something resourceful with it. Then, after a specified amount of time (say 30 days), have a get-together where everyone brings their earnings in and donates it all toward the fundraising emphasis. When done correctly, this idea generates an incredible amount of ownership, creativity, and MONEY for your group. Ideas that other youth have done successfully include an in-home greeting-card business (great for Christmas!), car wash (buy supplies with money and travel to seniors’ homes to wash cars and collect money), etc.

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